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Here you can find some information about how we raise our kittens, where they grow up i.e. how they experience the first weeks of their lifes and when they get vaccinated. Have a look!

>> Kindergarden

Former Litter

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Here you find our former litter. You can see the development of the kittens born in our cattery and you will find some pictures of them in their new home.

>> Former Litter


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If you want to know what our future kitten plans are, from whom we are expecting the next litter, wich colors are possible and when they will be born - you might have a look inside.

>> Plans

Current Litter

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Here you will find our current litter. Come inside an have a look. You can see how many kittens are born, wich color they have and what the kittens adoption status are.

>> Current Litter

Adoption information

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If you are interessted in adopting a kitten you will find all the information you need here. That means what you can expect from, how to make a reser- vation on and the price for a Valaskjalf kitten.

>> Adoption information