Always remembered


  • regenbogen

We really hoped, that we wont have to say goodbye to a beloved friend so early. As it sometimes happens, things are not always going the way we want...


  • socke

With deep grief we have to let go our First Lady Socks at the  02th of May 2011. Nearly 17 years she was a part of my life. Sometimes she was an grumpy old lady but she was a good friend. We shared grief and we shared joy. We will miss you dear Socks.

 In memory of a unique catlady.


  • shadow

As if it was not enough we finally had to say goodbye to our lovely Shadow. He passed away at the 23th of May 2011. We tried to fight and he was a brave fighter. Like always he was calm and trusted us to make the right decisions. But finaly even the bravest have to give in. The cancer won. We really hope wereever you are, that you will not feel any pain.

 We will always keep you in our heart!

In memory of a beautifull and lovely Gentle Giant.